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When safety matters

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When safety matters

All State Pilot Cars is committed to protecting our customers interests and providing a safe environment for the general public.   

We have you covered

We provide professional and experienced Height pole, Lead and Chase pilot cars, detailed route surveys, Load observer, Load security and traveling support staff nationwide.

Why Choose All state Pilot Cars LLC

We are fully insured with 2 Million commercial auto, the only company in the valley with 2 Million dollars professional liability to protect you as the customer. We provide the best customer service in the industry. All of our vehicles are late model well maintained vehicles to prevent breakdowns. On time reliable and most of all well trained and highly experienced in all aspects of the Pilot Car , Heavy Haul industry. 

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Needing a pilot car right away

Contact our 24 hour dispatch center 602-412-1192

All State Pilot Cars LLC

P.O. Box 10491 Glendale, AZ 85318

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